About Us

Discover the passion behind Temptation Records

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Temptation Records is a independent record label dedicated to promoting talented artists and delivering exceptional music experiences. With a strong passion for music and a commitment to quality, we strive to create a platform that allows artists to thrive and music lovers to indulge in their passion.


Music for the Soul…

Working with Temptation Records has been a game-changer for my music career. They truly understand the industry and have a genuine passion for supporting artists. I'm grateful to be part of such an amazing community.



Our goal

In todays World, life is a never ending stream of media.  It is our intention, to create music that can have a positive effect on Humanity.

Our music is positive. We are artist owned, we speak the truth. Our mission is to combat all the negative media, that fills the worlds ears. 

We truly are on a mission…


We write and create music, from positive energy. 

We are inspired by all things good.

We write what is in our hearts, and we write with a purpose.



Reaching everyone we can, to promote good engird to this world, and the many worlds beyond. We are all Beings, and we share our music, with all Beings. 

To put love and good energy into our music, and then to share, is the beauty of what we do.



Love is a driving force behind all we do. 

We love humanity. 

We love life.

We love peace.

We love freedom.

We love all Beings.

Most importantly, we love creating, sharing, and being in harmony with one another.


We love hearing from Beings like us 👉

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